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Notícias 2017

Junho 2017Ross Lovegrove Retrospective, Centre Pompidou

"Barrisol, the world leader in the design and manufacture of stretch ceilings, is very proud of its collaboration with Ross Lovegrove, a world renowned designer for his reflections on organic shapes. With fifty years of industrial experience, Barrisol Normalu has demonstrated great mastery in bringing to life his singular forms and organic silhouettes. The complicity between Ross Lovegrove and Barrisol has pushed the boundaries of Design by finding the most accurate solutions in the field of lighting and mirrors," says Jean-Marc Scherrer, President Barrisol-Normalu SAS.

"Barrisol has a talent for exploring organic and open spaces. Our studio, dedicated to innovation and foresight, concentrated its efforts to deepen the acoustic control, to obtain the best elasticity and lightness of the surfaces, to increase the quality of light diffusion. This facility opens up an aesthetic territory stretching from ocean to space, generating a 21st century dialogue between aquatic biomorphism and NASA intelligence systems" says Ross Lovegrove.


An honor in fact for Barrisol to be part of this adventure, this magnificent retrospective through 13 panels Barrisol for a total of 45 m2 and unforgettable works such as:

  • Pavillon Lasvit LiquidKristal, 2012
  • Infinity Loop, 2014
  • Barrisol Cocoon, 2016

Meet us at the "Ross Lovegrove Convergence" exhibition of the "Mutations / Créations" event of the Centre Pompidou from April 12th to July 3rd 2017 in gallery 3, level 1.


Ross Lovegrove Retrospective at Centre Pompidou with BARRISOL® Ross Lovegrove Retrospective at Centre Pompidou with BARRISOL® Ross Lovegrove Retrospective at Centre Pompidou with BARRISOL® Ross Lovegrove Retrospective at Centre Pompidou with BARRISOL® Ross Lovegrove Retrospective at Centre Pompidou with BARRISOL® Ross Lovegrove Retrospective at Centre Pompidou with BARRISOL® Ross Lovegrove Retrospective at Centre Pompidou with BARRISOL® Ross Lovegrove Retrospective at Centre Pompidou with BARRISOL® Ross Lovegrove Retrospective at Centre Pompidou with BARRISOL®

Junho 201742nd Street Musical

The biggest musical on Broadway « 42nd Street » is starring a huge Barrisol® Mirror® made from several Barrisol® frames. The choice of Barrisol® has become obvious for the unique decoration of the show « 42nd Street » by the unique qualities of Barrisol® Mirror® :

  • Mirror® fire-rated
  • Perfect reflection
  • Very low weight
  • A+ air quality
  • 100% recyclable

Barrisol® is proud that a show of this magnitude has made the choice of Barrisol®'s flagship product, reflecting the beauty of a scene from this American show (0:38 of the video below).


For more information on this show, visit the official website.

Junho 2017The Venice Biennale

All the art lovers will tell you, one of the biggest events of this field in the world is the International Exhibition of contemporary art of the Biennale of Venice (Esposizione internazionale d'arte di Venezia).

A major event in which Barrisol is proud to have participated. The world number one has installed a ceiling, this black ceiling, lacquered, stretched in the heart of a Venetian palace is in continuity with the ceilings of Venice, also precursors in their time.

It is an honor for us to have been able to collaborate on an event of this magnitude. And to have ensured that this magnificent Barrisol black lacquered ceiling reflects the equally magnificent works.

An exhibition that will last, with our stretch ceiling, until November 26, 2017.

Junho 2017Exhibition Mime Marcel Marceau

Since the beginning of March, in the center of Strasbourg, there was an exhibition retracing the evolution and life of the mime Marcel Marceau.

Marcel Mangel, known as Marceau, was born in Strasbourg on March 22, 1923. It is therefore quite natural that this exhibition took place at Place Kléber in the center of Strabourg.

A wonderful event, sober as possible, in which Barrisol could take part.

By choosing Artolis frames as a support for the history of mime, the association "a museum for mime" has done us a great honor. An important and clever choice, both in terms of aesthetics with an intimate atmosphere offering adequate light for an exhibition, and practical, since there is no frills, the light and the frame being only one.

A support as obvious for the world leader of stretch ceiling which, like Marcel Marceau, always knew to remain close to his native region and proud of its roots.

See the program of the exhibition.

Junho 2017Barrisol supports the ASPTT-Mulhouse

Proud of its region, the sports represented there and the talents that emerge from it, Barrisol has always made it his mission to bring back to the front of the stage the teams or the sports events that are close to him.


We can cite in a non-exhaustive way the tour of Alsace supported each year, or the tournament "Future" organized by tennis club Illberg and Barrisol since 22 editions. But this support is not exclusively reserved for the region, with, in particular, the international sponsorship of the French men's handibasket team, a desire for Barrisol to support beautiful life projects, and change the looks on this sport.

It is in this process that Barrisol is proud to announce the new partnership with Mulhouse's women's volleyball team, ASPTT-Mulhouse.

We recall that ASPTT Mulhouse is champion of France, you can see the play at home at the Palais des Sports, and their 2017 calendar created in collaboration with Barrisol, who is proud to support this wonderful team that achieved an exceptional performance, is available.

Junho 2017Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2017 Fashion Show by Franck Sorbier

Not long ago was Fashion Week in Paris, the occasion for the biggest haute couture houses and for the greatest creators to present their new collections "Spring-Summer".

Franck Sorbier was present, with a collection "Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2017" whose motifs inspired by the XIXth made a strong impression.

Patterns that have come a long way before arriving at Fashion Week, since they come from the Museum of Printing on Etoffes of Mulhouse. Eric Ballargent, director of the Museum, explained that more and more designers came to take inspiration from the museum's vast collection. There are no less than 6 million textile samples.

But Franck Sorbier did not stop there, he chose to put Alsace completely in the spotlight this year, choosing an Alsatian firm for its scenery: Barrisol. An honor for the company of Kembs, very close to the Museum, and that for years. The opportunity for the leader of the stretched ceiling to show all his know-how and to sublimate this magnificent parade.

André Manoukian, now familiar with the Barrisol universe through his many collaborations with the company, was also present in the front row.

An unforgettable moment for Maison Sorbier, for the Museum of Printing on Etoffes and for Barrisol.

Janeiro 2017Barrisol® laureada do Troféu Exportação 2016

Em 15 de dezembro de 2016, durante a 20.ª edição do troféu de exportação regional, a Barrisol®, líder mundial do teto tenso, viu recompensado uma vez mais o seu dinamismo.

Criado pela CCI Alsace, este troféu recompensa todos os anos as empresas alsacianas que souberam implementar uma abordagem à exportação dinâmica e eficaz. Estas empresas são a prova viva da diversidade dos know-hows alsacianos, tanto nos sectores de ponta como nos sectores tradicionais.

Uma abordagem na qual a Barrisol® se integra completamente. E é com uma alegria imensa que recebemos este troféu, como uma valorização do trabalho realizado desde o nascimento da empresa e do seu dinamismo na exportação. Na verdade, a Barrisol® realizou em 2016 mais de 60 % do seu volume de negócios com a exportação.

Agradecemos a todos que contribuíram para este sucesso.

Janeiro 2017Parceria com o museu Hansi

A empresa Barrisol®, está em constante expansão internacional, como se prova pelo troféu de exportação, mas ela não esquece as suas origens.

Ao criar uma parceria como o museu Hansi, o líder do teto tenso confirma a sua posição na Alsácia. Uma região rica de tradição e com um know-how significativo, com conceitos e valores que incarnam perfeitamente o museu Hansi e que, desde do seu nascimento, são partilhados pela Barrisol®.

Esta parceira faz a ligação entre a Barrisol® e a história da sua região, uma história posta em imagens na perfeição por Hansi nas suas aguarelas que estão, agora, disponíveis no nosso catálogo de imagens, um ambiente adaptado para o seu interior. 

Como uma árvore, a empresa Barrisol® não se esquece de que tem necessidade das suas raízes para crescer e se desenvolver.

Esta parceria põe à sua disposição uma coleção única de 1500 criações de Jean-Jacques Waltz, conhecido por Hansi.